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Our Story

Since our launch in 2003, The Lavender Touch’s primary aim has been to provide a supportive service to those living with cancer, and their loved ones, when dealing with the side effects of the disease and its treatment. We are proud that since then, we have been credited with bringing comfort to many of the cancer patients in the Scottish Borders, supporting them with therapeutic treatments and products designed to work holistically alongside medical treatment.

Five unpaid trustees govern the charity: Chairperson Jan Beattie, Finance Alex Moffat, Kirsty Dunlop, Caiti Beattie and Maggie Toole. They bring their skills and experience to guarantee that The Lavender Touch achieves its aims and makes a difference to those living with cancer in the Scottish Borders.

The Lavender Touch has two part-time paid staff members responsible for the day-to-day running of the charity; Pauline Williams, Charity Development Manager, and Danielle Roote, Charity Admin Support. 

Three other essential team members are Therapies Coordinator Brenda Lambert, Frances Gordon and Angela Secretan, the fully accredited therapists who have developed and produced our range of Therapeutic Touch products. 

Everyone involved takes great pride in our services, our products, and a large percentage of the money raised through fundraising goes directly towards patient care. 

Now that we have built a service to be proud of, we are keen to raise awareness of the charity and the services we provide. The more people that know we are here, the more we can do to help provide some relief to people living with the symptoms of cancer and its treatment. No one should suffer alone; we are here to help.

Our complementary therapies and products have now become an essential part of helping people through their cancer experience – and their loved ones too. Working with local healthcare professionals, we regularly receive referrals for people they feel would benefit from our services.

A Word from our Chairperson

The treatments we offer

We offer a course of six treatments to cancer patients and a course of three for loved ones or carers. Treatments can be tailored to suit, allowing each to benefit the individual in a way that works best for them. 

These treatments can be arranged at any stage of illness or recovery. Treatments are delivered within the Borders General Hospital, Macmillan Centre, Margaret Kerr Unit, Complete Health Borders in Galashiels or at home; wherever you feel most comfortable.


Healing happens when we feel relaxed and rested. With that in mind, our massage treatments are created to relieve any symptoms that may make it difficult for you to get comfortable or sleep. In addition, the massages help with circulation and reduce stress and anxiety.


Using the healing power of touch applied to the hands and feet, reflexology has proven to be a very popular treatment for those with cancer. It works by gently applying pressure to the feet to help with lymphatic drainage and encouraging your body’s natural healing powers.

How our therapies have helped

How we help

Treating, and hopefully curing cancer, should always be left up to healthcare professionals. Our aim at The Lavender Touch is to provide therapeutic treatments tailored to relieving stress, anxiety and other symptoms associated with the disease and its treatment.

We help to fund complementary therapeutic treatments, including massage, reflexology, and aromatherapy, delivered by our qualified therapists. Alongside medical treatment, our therapies create a holistic approach to managing your illness and recovery.

Our treatments can help provide relief from symptoms including:

The cancer journey can be challenging for carers and loved ones too, which is why we also offer our services to them. We aim to make the experience as stress-free as possible for all involved.

Following positive feedback, we have developed our own natural product range. Our therapists use these during treatments. They are now available through our online shop and Galashiels branch, allowing you to continue relieving some side effects at home.

Our complementary therapies and products are fully recognised by NHS Borders as an important addition in helping those living in the Scottish Borders with a cancer diagnosis and those who care for them.


The Lavender Touch’s therapies are available to all who are living with the symptoms and side effects of cancer and its treatments. We believe that they provide relief and relaxation, which, in turn, can aid the body in healing and recovery.

If you live in the Scottish Borders and have a cancer diagnosis or care for someone with cancer, speak with an NHS Borders health professional involved with your or their treatment. They can submit a referral to our Therapies Coordinator.

 All referrals must be made through the healthcare system for confidentiality and health reasons.


Here are some examples of who you can chat with to request a referral:

They can provide you with help and advice on what will best suit your particular needs.

Health Care Professional

Do you have a patient that you feel could benefit from our services?

It is important to us that people continue their NHS treatment and that our work is seen as a complementary, holistic therapy that works alongside their care. If you feel any of your patients could benefit, we would love for you to chat with them about it. To ensure that we meet their needs fully, we ask that you make the referral on their behalf.

If you would like more information on the process, please contact us to arrange to speak to our Therapies Coordinator.

NHS Borders healthcare professionals who can request a referral:

They can provide you with help and advice on what will best suit your particular needs.


Volunteer with us

Our volunteers’ time makes all the difference; without their support and commitment none of our work would be possible. If you have time you’d like to give to working with the team at The Lavender Touch, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.