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Fundraising events

Events are a fantastic and fun way for charities like ours to raise funds. We are always delighted to hear about and promote the fundraising events organised by our passionate supporters, but we also have our own fundraising event too. The ‘Wear Lavender to Work Day’ has become our signature event and is held in the spring or summer each year.

Wear Lavender to Work Day is definitely not your usual dress down day, think dress up day. It’s not about what you wear…it’s all about the colour. Past participants donned wigs, posh frocks, fancy dress, tie dyed t-shirts, in colours that range from subtle lilacs to darkest purple.

We love that this event is a collaborative effort between us and local businesses, working together to spread awareness of The Lavender Touch and to raise funds to help us continue to offer our services to those in need. We encourage all local businesses, large or small, to get involved. Every sign up counts, whether you are an office team of two or a busy factory of a few. Your workplace and work colleagues are guaranteed to have a fun-filled day, so please sign up today.


Why Fundraising Matters

In addition to our events, we are grateful to all our supporters who dedicate some of their free time to hosting their own events or activities. 

If you would like more information on how you can get involved and the help we can offer to get you started, visit our fundraising page. 

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